Having been a keen all round fisherman for the last 35 years, and focussing most of my UK fishing on carp I had gotten a bit disillusioned with modern carp fishing venues mainly over stocked puddles stuffed with obese unhealthy carp, and that’s without the bivvy culture and swim hogging that goes on! I wanted to create something different!

My ethos when developing Serenity Lakes was growing quality fish in a natural environment. We have limited water available so the lake had to be modest, but with pockets to 3m deep (averaging over 2m when full) , reed beds, weed, Lilies and an island there is plenty of features for the fish to enjoy. Minimal marginal tree cover means there is plenty of wind over the lake, promoting good oxygen saturation and ideal growing conditions, both for the fish and the biodiverse insect life the fish feed on. In order to gain maximum growth rates we supplement the natural food larder in the lake with a balanced cereal based diet that encourages healthy growth, but not at the expense of the fishes long term wellbeing.

Currently there are around 90 carp with 1/3 being under 10lb, 1/3 10-20lb and 1/3 20lb plus. the fish are obviously doing well on the cereal diet as we recorded growth rates over  6lb/year in some of our fish! I am tracking the fishes growth, so when you catch I would love to be text a picture of the fish (each side) plus the weight.  I am very confident someone will catch our first 30lb fish this year, and hopefully 40lb in 3 years! The fish have come from three different suppliers, to achieve variety in looks and growth rates.

The lake is not an easy lake by any means, there is abundant natural food and a relatively low stocking density. I have found success fishing the marginal weed (which is extensive this year) some anglers are scared of weed, but it does pay to remember that weed is a natural larder for carp, they go there to feed and for sanctuary!

My favourite tactic is a PVA bag filled with pellet or chopped boilie cast close to the weed (or in a hole in the weed) with a snowman rig or smelly pop up. If you do get a fish stuck in the weed there is a boat available (you must wear a life jacket and be able to swim) or give me a call on 07977 222884 and I will come and free it. Please do not pull for a break when you know a fish is weeded, the last thing we want is tethered fish.

There are no nuisance fish at Serenity, only carp. This is to ensure maximum growth rates. We are stocking some specimen Tench to 10lb Autumn 2020. Maybe in a few years I will stock some other coarse fish once the carp have achieved some good weights.

To protect our carp we provide Nets, Weigh slings and unhooking mats, please do not use your own. I would be devastated if we became infected with KHV or similar. Please treat any wounds or hook holes with Klinic or similar before returning them. Please read the sensible rules and abide by them.

If you fancy a challenge we would love to see you! If you need any help or advice whilst at Serenity please do not hesitate to contact me!